Sunday Worship: March 15, 2020 | The Third Sunday in Lent

Valhalla United Methodist Church’s Sunday morning Worship Services normally at 10:00am have been cancelled until further notice. We have posted excerpts from the service we would have had last Sunday below. Welcome to church in the age of Coronavirus!

Sunday, March 15, 2020 – Third Sunday in Lent

Readings Exodus 17:1-17; Psalm 95;  Romans 5:1-11; John 4:5-42

Opening Hymn:

L:  Come and see the ambassador of God’s friendship for us.
P: We will find Jesus waiting to meet us: in classrooms, at a shopping center, in all the common places and moments.
L:  Come and hear the One who speaks of God’s joy in us.
P: We will listen to Jesus, whose words of grace and peace raise the rafters of our hope.
L:  Come and know how much God loves you.
P: We will discover Jesus, who offers us the gift of reconciliation.

L:  Walking the dog, reading a bedtime story, recycling newspapers – in every moment, in every place, God is there.  Let us confess how often we do not see God in our lives, especially in how we live them.  Join me, as we pray together, saying,

God of eternity, you know how often we travel down the rocky roads of doubt and fear.  We pester others with our worries; we hurl bitter words at those we love.  We have chances to offer ourselves in service, but only give our contempt to those in need.  We could share the living waters with the world, but want to store it in jars for safe-keeping.

Fountain of Grace, you turn towards us, to meet us wherever we are.  You break open our rock-hard sin, so we might be made whole.  In Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, our thirst for hope and joy is quenched.

L:  God does not disappoint us.  Our sins are forgiven, our lives are made whole, we are sent forth to serve.
P: In Jesus Christ, living water breaks through the roof of our hearts, in such abundance that we don’t have enough buckets to hold it all.  Thanks be to God.  Amen

 – acknowledgements to the Rev. Thom M. Shuman


PRAISE SONGS: “God of Wonders”  No. 3034

“Falling on My Knees” No. 3099

Pastor Kevan’s fireside chat  (The Lesson):

Welcome to church in the age of Coronavirus! Check back for more videos this week.

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Closing Hymn:  “Fill My Cup, Lord”  No. 3093